The 'Ivorian cocoa  bean' grown on  the West African plantations of Cote d'Ivoire (IVORY COAST),  yields an overwhelming  production quantity  surpassing one million  tons each  year.  

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Seeds of Nature, 

The world's finest quality chocolate , inherits   its class of  distinction  from the 'Ivorian cocoa bean'. The Ivorian bean's above  standard quality, is priced at a premium  value, accepted  throughout  the  world markets.


to the wonderful world of  ' Chocolate' 

​" without  the cocoa  bean , there would be no chocolate"

Chocolate has three (3) core product  characteristics, all pressed out of the cocoa bean.

A )  Pure chocolate liquid mass

B )  Pure grade cocoa butter

C )  Pure fine mesh cocoa powder

These (3) key product ingredients serve  the Chocolate ,Pharmacy, Health  & Beauty  Industry.